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Commercial Property Management

We offer management services for all types of commercial property, from a single let property, to a multi-let mixed use building.
The Landlord and Tenant relationship is key to the management process and our focus is to add value by protecting, enhancing and maximising the value of your property and investment. We are aware of the importance of ensuring that rent is paid on time and that properties are kept in full repair to meet all Health & Safety legislation. We visit all our managed properties to review the condition of the building, ascertain works for repair and monitor contractors. 

We are in regular contact with tenants to ensure that their rents are paid on time and that they comply with the other lease covenants. Where this is not the case, we ensure that our clients are advised and we provide them with advice and recommendations as to the best course of action. We manage our buildings in accordance with the terms of the lease, legislation and the RICS Service Charges in Commercial Property.
Our services include but are not limited to: 

• Rent collection and other charges;
• Liaison between the Landlord and Tenant;
• Service charge budgets and reports;
• Client account reporting;
• Advising on compliance with relevant leasehold obligation;
• Building maintenance and their services;
• Health & Safety advice to comply with legislations;
• RICS-approved intermediary insurance service;
• Regular property inspections; and,
• Facilities management.
We undertake a full review of the property upon commencement of management and liaise with the instructing client to understand their needs and requests. We will note all major requirements for the building and provide a cost analysis review of the current contracts in place. Andrew Creighton use a panel of contractors that are responsive and offer quality work at a reasonable cost. We maintain a register of contractors who are on our approved contractor list, meaning they hold all the appropriate insurance and Health & Safety qualifications. 

We also ensure that our contractors are competitively priced by benchmarking their costs against the data we hold for other companies in the industry to give leaseholders value for money. We provide a dedicated response to maintenance queries and general enquiries. All calls are logged and tracked through to maintenance contractors for effective and prompt solutions. We also offer an out of hours call out service for any emergencies.

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